Vince could have saved the world

I don't understand Politicians. I love the gory exchanges and in depth scandal that are postumously unarchived, but really...not content with fake Sheiks or whistle blowing websites that have received global notoriety or in fact similar instances of "constituents" having simple yet revealing conversations; the Business Secretary goes and blows off his mouth. If it weren't for his slightly slimy demeanour since agreeing to the coalition, I would feel sorry for Cable. But, noting his recent change of politics I have to admit that I don't care now. His stance against Murdoch is a wholly legitimate one, and one that would possibly have saved the world, but being in a position that requires an objective stance on things appears to have went over his head. (as has the power he has recently gained)
Tisk tisk Vince, when will politicians ever learn. 



I have made a book. A mix of photography and illustration on the fundamental elements of design. Have a look and buy if you want. 



ive been lacking....in what? everything. i have spent the entire summer decorating in between trying to sort a blog, website work and my girlfriend. the good news is that once it's done i have a lovely little studio that I plan on spending quite a bit of time in.

at the moment a bed, mop and dirt occupy my studio but with a little time, soon i'll be in.

 however, im sure there would be more done if other things hadn't taken up my time.....



helped in an exhibition for a collaboration with other students. didn't manage to go to the final showing, as with most things i'm invited to, as was doing the album cover. But seemed a real shame, they had a fantastic space for exhibition and also to utilise it's almost YBA White Cube-esque feeling, but really just asked people to send in photos and drawings and printed them out on a shit printer and blu-tac'd them to the walls. here was my piece anyway...


I do like a good painting, but prefer my own. planning an exhibition including other artists soon(ish)


I was asked to do an album sleeve for a band called The Snake Temple Kings www.myspace.com/thesnaketemplekings
On talking to them and seeing the format of the album sleeve, I came up with this... Did a bit of photography for them too but that was a while ago.

a really good band from Aberdeen I highly recommend if you enjoy the fruity flavours of extended track length and synth keyboards i.e. PROG ROCK!!! brilliant.


the summer started after finishing my year one at University. Went to Shetland with my girlfriend (where she's from)

wasn't much to do I have to admit... but got some nice photos