MTV illustration pop up shop.

MTV have asked me to produce a few illustrations and make them into prints for an event they're putting on in their Camden studios. It's been good as it's forced me to get out of the studio and to actually get some prints done for my exceedingly neglected "Shop" on my website. One of the prints available is Brand Spanking Zombies. You should buy it. 


Planes, Trains and Megabuses

Carrying on my sketchbook project; Planes, Trains and Megabuses (i.e. to eleviate boredom on trips) 
This one was actually Aberdeen to Edinburgh, ZoĆ© posing gracefully on an otherwise deserted train. 
Back to London at the weekend, more reportage mayhem to ensue! 


Illustration on the beach

This week, for my 31st birthday, I will be going on my holidays back to the grey of my home town, Aberdeen. Renowned for being.... well..... grey.
Last time we went to the beach I did this drawing.
I'm updating the website (www.wantsome.co) with some new work at the moment, so look back soon and feel free to get in touch regardless of my trip up North as i'll still be working on some projects.